YelleSavage on the Rise

YelleSavage born Donnielle Savage is a social media influencer and music artist on the rise. Savage born in Saint Louis, MO is a model, singer, & young entrepreneur. Savage has accomplished a lot and one her notable accomplishments is starting her own business. Yelle Savage draw inspiration and motivation from many things. Savage has said "What motivates me is the feeling of not working for anyone but myself! Making my own rules about my business, for my business. Also having financial freedom, of course.". This quote alone displays how humble she is. When asked about her dreams and aspirations Savage said "My dreams are more so focused on everyone around me. When I say that I mean my dream is to reach my financial goals so everyone in my circle can prosper as well! What's the point of making it to the top and having no one to celebrate with anyway? My main goals right now are to continue working on my socials, putting out content that my followers resonate with, and growing my business."

We believe there is a bright future ahead of Savage. Make sure you connect with YelleSavage and check out some of her great content!
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