"Stickypads" By Cowboy5

Riverdale, Georgia native Cowboy5 is back with the visuals to his new single ‘Stickypads’. Cowboy5 stays true to his name making sure to wear his signature cowboy hat through the whole video. Even when he and the gorgeous ladies are in the bubble bath.  ‘Stickypads’ is that track most everyone will find timeless in that true ATL sense with the intricate and complex beat, the catchy punchlines and memorable catchphrases. Not to mention it all attached to some sick visuals with a classic donk, nice big house and some gorgeous ladies scantily dressed.  So make sure to head over to Cowboy5 youtube today and check out the visuals for ‘Stickypads’ and follow him today!!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/atlcowboy5