Remington Brown releases "Summer of Soul"

American rapper and vocalist Young Torres, Born Remington T Brown in 1992 sustained a basic - level presence in 19 different country’s shortly after releasing his 2019 song Dominican Flavor with the Canadian underground record label Boost Recordings who signed artists like Von-T ,Yung Toolz & BeeJayAse.

Thanks to his Pop Rap flavor and unique dance wave fashion style his 2018 album Pop Rap Orlando was the first album to rank number one on the number one music charts year - old Indie Rock Phenom Remington has first became the unique artist to emerge since release of his 2011 single afro punk 2013, and continues to shatter the ceiling of social norms with him defying the boundaries of modern rock from young artists. fast forward with His humble underground afro punk,christian rock hospitality his 2020 single Entitled, debuted 4 hundred Thousand and over 3 Hundred Thousand streams in the underground music scene it debuted 1 hundred and eight streams on Spotify. 

He is working on a new album for 2022 with his rap group young n charge and they plan to collaborate with the major label artists. Young Torres says these are the early days we are just breaking into the mainstream and there is hope for change in this new decade real music is back with real guitar and real lyrics.