Out Now: “Heavens (music video)" By Ivan ATS

Today, we met with Ivan ATS, a successful artist that offers pure musical gifts to the world. 

His latest release, a single entitled “Heavens" off of his brand new EP "Stuck in My Ways". Vulnerability, confidence, openness and passion unite with absolute professionalism that will leave you in a world of emotions. The song discusses many events in his personal life such as battling brain surgery, past family traumas and all that has left him "Stuck in My Ways" and leaving it all at his grandmother's grave.

Thanks to appealing vocal performances, infectious rap, solid production, as well as its commercial appeal, “Heavens” is one of the best new releases this week. Make sure you add this banger to your playlists:

Press play right now and enjoy:

You can check out Ivan ATS's  EP "Stuck in My Ways" at https://ivanatsmusic.com/stuck-in-my-ways