Lucky Harmon releases new single Wildcard with Lil Wayne

Lucky Harmon releases new hit single called Wildcard ft. Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is a music legend and without a doubt one of the best rappers of all time. Lucky and Lil Wayne teaming up for this hit record is what the world needed. This song is a fun record and will get you out of your seat and make you want to dance! Everyone has been in quarantine for the past year so a song like this was very much needed in the world. This song is amazing and the cover art is very creative as it displays both artistic geniuses with an abstract themed background. We recommend you check out this record and add it to your playlist. Lucky Harmon is a very talented individual. Lucky Harmon is known by many for different things he has accomplished. Some know him for his hit records “Idolize Me” a song which has charted on Billboard Top 40 in the past. Others may know Lucky for his roles in Numerous movies and television shows such as Thespian Series Season 2 which was a tv series on Amazon Prime and Netflix watched my many. Others may have seen Lucky in Numerous TV commercials. Lucky Harmon is a SAG-AFTRA Actor he is known for films such as Fate of the Furious, Pitch Perfect 3, Wonder Woman 84, Shazam, The Riddle House, 21 Bridges. He has also worked on many TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries. Lucky has accumulated an impressive fanbase over the years. Lucky is verified on Instagram with over 370,000 followers on that platform alone. This creative individual is focused and is on a mission and on a great path to accomplish a lot of great things in this world.