Is TiLTEDMANE The Future?

Jose Espinosa, also known as TiLTEDMANE, is an American recording artist who was born in Miami, Florida on February 20, 2001. This young musician likes creating fascinating sounds!!! His music is generally characterized as a melancholy person's voice. His goal is to compose music that people can connect with and that makes them happy. His tunes might appear grim, but they aren't!!! All you have to do is listen, and check it out for yourself.

TiLTEDMANE strives to avoid the usage of similar tunes in his songs. His compositions have such diverse melodies, which makes it difficult to say it sounds the same as his previous ones. . TiLTEDMANE's motivation is none other than his long-time best friend, with whom he often talks about music and rapping, and with whom he is currently living his dream. Check out his next single project, "NO EXPLANATION!" which will be accessible on all music platforms and will have a spectacular music video. Also, be sure to stream his SoundCloud track called "Breaker Breaker." Even though he is a new artist, his song has received a lot of favorable feedback on SoundCloud, with over 200,000 views to date. His song "Is Water Wet?" became a Twitter trending topic after obtaining over 500,000 views and 3000 retweets, making it a big thing for him. He hopes to reach 1 million SoundCloud streams for his songs in the future, enabling him to be included on the Billboard Hot 100 and other music platforms. He finds himself quite lucky to have flicksbyed as his manager, who helps him aspire to make incredible music that encourages the youth and empowers everyone suffering from despair regardless of whoever they are, or wherever they are on the planet.

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