Gospel Artist Emmanuel Christ is Bringing People Closer To God

Emmanuel Christ has overcome many adversities in his life to get where he is at today. One thing Emmanuel can do is sell albums; he is considered one of Music That Pays top album sellers. The key to his success is rooted into the cause of why he is selling his album, coming full circle from a life of crime to a life of grind.

He oftentimes will hit the streets with his sons and show them the value of earning the money from a legit business, by letting individuals in their community know that the proceeds from the albums sales go to supporting a life without the negativity of drugs or criminal activity. He has been a fundamental leader in his community from the church to his many acts of service Emmanuel has shown that he is a man of honor and integrity.

There are 2 albums currently released by his label, the latest of which is the album entitled "Christ" which is a series of music focusing on the religious teachings of Jesus and the great philosophers of the bible. His intention with this album is to bring awareness to the principals of living a happy life with God. With a YouTube series of videos to coincide with the album he illustrates the facts of what his community is going through, and uses the words of the great teachers of the world to help bring a sensibility back into the music industry. If you enjoy gospel music traditionally then this album is something you will want to try, it infuses the culture of Hip Hop and takes the philosophy of the gospel into the words that he raps.

The first album that he has released is called 911, which may not mean what you think it means because the album has 91 rappers to 1 beat hence the name of 911. This album is very creative in the way it was put together,