Fabián: The Rising Star Has Quite A Story

Jaelynn Fabián Taylor, famously known by his stage name Fabián is an American recording artist born in Lansing, MI, USA. One of the finest things that happened to Fabián is that he was born in both black and Mexican families. The singer believes that a "cool" Queer Mexican singer that could sing in both languages (English and Mexican) and combine RnB/Soul was rare to be found. That’s where he thought why not be an addition to this new era of music, as a singer who sings in dual languages. Whether it was playing instruments in a band or singing in a chorus, Fabián always been musical. At high school, Fabián was even a member of an audition-only choir who studied music theory and how to create harmonies which as a result, gave him the ability to create mesmerizing sounds. Fabián’s passion has always been creating musical art. What he does is that he romanticizes the elements of life in a way, which could help heal the hearts of humans both with music, and lyrics. He even believes that sound healing and human voice has greater spiritual power than most people realize, so he prioritizes it. As they always say, behind every man’s success is a woman, Fabián also had his back, empowered with not, two, but three beautiful women in his life, who helped him move forward towards the road to success.

His single “Enamorarme” is making headlines all over social media and he is about to release another single called “Been Knew” for his debut album “Surrender” so make sure to set up the timetable for November 17th of 2021 and get inspired. Fabián's major goal in life is to be satisfied, to recognize all of his blessings, and to be grateful every day. The world runs on modern-day corporate slavery, which prevents humans from living their lives as they were intended, and this is why Fabián is here is to change it. He aims to bring a new era of music that helps inspire, heal wounded hearts, fix broken souls, and motivate others to live a life of fulfillment, joy, and happiness by being your boss.

You can check out the singer on Instagram: @JaelynnFabian and on Twitter: @Jaelynnfabian1 to stay up to date with his latest songs.