EP Of The Week: "RICH LIFE 3" By Polomann Rich

Monday already, we needed to find a refreshing musical project, that would accompany the coming week, and new days in lockdown. Our discovery comes at the right time. Without further ado, let’s discover one of the most exciting hip-hop experiences around. Be ready to receive, like we did, a strong dose of energy, an electrifying musical moment. 

The EP is successful from “Intro” to “Work Of The Devil”. 3 infectious tracks that gave us hope in Hip-Hop again. the rhythms are unique, the productions are catchy, and we are fans of Polomann Rich’s rap flow, performance, and profound lyrical content. the artist creates his own musical world. He radiates talent and the tracks have all the ingredients of hits. The project deserves to be heard. 

Press play right now and enjoy: