El Casino – A Musician On A Journey You Should Know About

If you’re into legendary Hip Hop artistes like Drake or Kendrick Lamar, then El Casino’s got something for you. His songs have smooth, catchy flows with lyrics from a Mexican perspective to give you a fresh take on modern Hip Hop/Rap music. El Casino is now promoting his latest single, “If You Know You Know”, which is derived from the modern acronym “Ifykyk”. 

El Casino always felt musical in his core, so being a musician is something that has always felt natural to him. When he honed his talents and put his mind to making quality music, people acknowledged this and yearned for more from the rising star. He then realized it was a calling and continued to produce great music. 

‘If you know you know’ is a hustler’s story. True hustlers will understand what he means because they experience the same scenarios daily. In the song, he speaks about starting out as an entrepreneur in his mother’s house, and now he is on his way to buy her a new house. His turn of fortune is not without criticism or envy, but people who envy him know nothing of his lifestyle or how hard he works to maintain it. 

The song starts with a sweet synth phrase accompanied by some electronic chords. Unexpectedly, after a couple bars, comes the introduction of a heavy rap beat and Casino’s vocals. He starts with very descriptive bars about the everyday hustle in the city. He flows effortlessly on the beat and tells you about himself too. El Casino makes reference to those who don’t really put in the work but act as if they do. He is a true hustler and would rather be a “reallionaire” than a fake person with money. Staying true to his journey, his music and his friends is extremely important to him. 

“They’re mad cause now the table’s turning, my fire’s burning.” Now that El Casino has lady luck on his side everyone thinks they know his story, but they don’t because only if you know, you know. This is a relatable song to many self-made entrepreneurs worldwide, even though it probably resonates most with those from L.A. where the artist is from. 

El Casino is also working on a movie script at the moment. He plans to use this as one more way to bring Latin culture to the forefront. He is tight-lipped about it right now, but he wants his fans to know he’s working on something big. 

His advice to upcoming artists is for them to stay consistent, stick to their goals and to simply be themselves. It’s very easy to get lost out there in today’s world so it is important to bring your own style and flavor to your hustle.  

The official video for ‘If you know you know’ is out now, and truly depicts the life of El Casino. Its also available on all major streaming platforms. Keep up to date with his upcoming performances and new releases by following him on Instagram. Also, you can stream the single here