Dread Zoe talks “Baddie,” Dream Doll and Building With Rick Ross

North Miami rapper Dread Zoe knows a baddie when he sees one. His new hit single,  ”Baddie” featuring Dream Doll is out and he’s still riding high off the release.  “Baddie” is a banger that should get radio spins across the country and serve as the perfect  backdrop for the baddies who work the poles in the Miami strip clubs Dread frequents and  beyond. After laying down his verse over the Shawnyboi beat, Dread knew he needed a baddie to  complete his anthem.  “I was listening to that song ‘Ah Ah Ah’ and couldn’t help singing along to the chorus,” Dread  says. “I remember thinking ‘she’s fire.’” When he reached out to her, Dream Doll liked the track and agreed to do the song with Dread.  “She sent it right back,” Dread recalls. “I heard her verse and I was like ‘this is a smash right  here. We going up!’” “Baddie” is just the latest song in a string of hits the 30-year-old rapper has recently released.  Track-by-track, Dread’s rise to rap stardom is a rags2riches tale filled with heartache and hustle.  Born in St. Katherine, Jamaica, Dread and his family came to America as immigrants. They  settled in North Miami and unknowingly landed in a Haitian community.  “I grew up with all Haitians but I'm the only one that’s Jamaican, so they gave me the name  Dread Zoe,” he recalls. “You already know how the Zoe’s get. They don't take nobody [so], for  them to give me that title [it’s] much appreciated.” The rising emcee, born Fabian Forbes, says his neighborhood is “a big part” of his music and  he’s got the zoes behind him. When asked whether he feels any pressure trying to make it out of  a state with so many rap stars, Dread deflects. “Pressure on me?” He replies. “Nah, we definitely got some legends from Trick to Ross to JT.  Money, Trina, Uncle Luke... I don't feel any pressure. I'm just doing what I do. My wave is my wave.  All of them inspired me.”  Fortunately, Dread has a personal relationship with Ross. He caught Rozay bobbing his head to  “My Section” but most of their conversations revolve around business. “That’s probably the most  inspiring person I've been around my entire life,” Dread says. “There’s a reason why he calls  himself the biggest boss. If you are around him you can see it.” Up next, fans can look out for Dread Zoe’s upcoming single release for “10 Pills”.

Instagram: @Dreadzoe_