Discover our exclusive interview with The Hendrixxx

1- Great to have you on our blog. Please, introduce yourself?
My Name is The Hendrixxx I'm A Rapper From New Haven, Connecticut CT 203

2- What got you into music and made you realize that it was your chosen path?
Well, I Love Music And Very Passionate About Music And Rapping But I Got Into By Being Around My People Rapping My Friends Was Rapping My Family Was Rapping The Hood I Grew Up In They Was Rapping But I Didn't Take It Serious Until I Was Like 26 Officially 27 When I Released My First Project The Hendrixxx Exxxperiment On SoundCloud 5 Songs Oct 22 Which Is My Birthday And The Feed Back I Got Back Was Surprising And That Moment That's When I Knew I Can Do This And This Was The Path For Me.

3- Tell us about your new single. And what’s the story behind it?
My New Single Ballout Prod By Saint Cardona Ballout Is A Drill Song But I'm Not A Drill Rapper But I Love Drill Music So How It Came About Was I On YouTube Doing A Little Research I Stumbled On To His Beats And I Wanted To Switch My Sound Plus I Wanted To Showcase My Rapping And Ballout Is What I Was Feeling At The Moment And Things I Was Dealing With People But I Was Really Locked In On The Track Took Me 10 Min's To Record It But Just Real Music.

4- What makes your music unique? How would you describe it?
What's Make Me My Music Unique Is How I Say Things And I Like To Word Play Plus I Like A Faster Tempo Beat When I Rapping And How I Jumped Into Different Flows When I'm Rapping And I Like To Have A Creative approach we it comes to my music but the best way to describe it In One Word Is Art Because I Can Break Down Each Project I Did Piece By Piece Lyric By Lyric Song By Song.

5- What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?
The Best Advise I Can Give To Any Artist Is Research And Do The Work Put That Work In Repetition Is The Father Of Learning So Do Your Research And Put The Work In

6- Who are your biggest musical influences? And any particular artist/band you would like to collaborate with in the future?
My Biggest Influences In Music Right Now Are Future, Tory Lanez, Drake, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Lox, Dipset, Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas, Young Thug Plus Fivio Foreign And ect... It So many More I Can Go All Day Because I Really Love Music But Who Really Wanna Collaborate With Is Metro Boomin, Future, Tory Lanez, Young Thug, Fivio Foreign, Migos, Drake, Wheezy and 808 Mafia Plus Many More But These Are My Top People To Work With In The Future

7- If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?
To All My Fans One Thing I Could Say Is Thank You For All Your Support With Out Yah There Won't Be No Me I Give All The Praise To The Fans For Uplifting Me Thru The Years And We Got More Work Do To.

8- What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?
I'm Working On My First Album Rockstar The Intro Which It's About The Real Introduction Of Me and I Got Couple EPs SCI- FI 2, Exxxperiment 3 And Preseason 2 Coming Out Before The Album And Couple Singles But A Lot More Music And Bookings For Shows Plus Fashion.