Dilyer is back! And this time With New music! It’s Dilyers Take over time with “ SOVEREIGN D”

Dilyer stevens  -- the multi-talented musician, actor, and worldwide social media force -- announces DEBUT SINGLE out October 8th. Arriving in time for his song, this song is Dilyers’ most vulnerable project to date., the Song unlocks a new chapter in Dilyers’ life in the internet spotlight, channeling the unflinching honesty of the ups-and-downs of his rise to fame: the chaos, the disconnect, the anxiety and all that comes in-between. 

Dilyer wrote and co-produced the song of and enlisted some of the producers and songwriters

“This song means a lot to me because it really lets people see a side of me that I’ve feared for a while,” says King D. “I’ve been very lost at times and as an artist and almost an adult I feel it’s my job to not sugarcoat what I’m feeling and be honest and real. I made this song during a really uncertain and scary time in my life. I’m constantly learning and discovering new ways to cope with mental health, so I don’t have to rely on things that would hurt me long term. I just hope somebody can listen to my Song and think ‘Wow, maybe I’m not alone in what I’m feeling,’ and have a positive impact on anyone dealing with the same things I am.” Are we ready??

Dilyer has previously revealed that From the beginning Hes always seen music as the main and end goal. Doing social media has been amazing and obviously he will continue to do it, but music just warms his heart like no other. “There’s no me without my music” Said Dilyer

He was recently named one of the hottest inspirations of influencer in the world by the Teen vault awards. He was Asked “What does it feel like to make such an honorable list?” Dilyer said: “ It’s insane to make such an honorable list” At only 17 years old he has managed to create a huge social media presence for himself.