AVMGDIGITAL Presents the Marine Core Vol: 1

October 14, 2021: For Immediate Release

AVMGDIGITAL is a new record label imprint partner under the Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment umbrella. The Marine Core Vol 1 is a 21-track release that introduces a slew of emerging talent. It is truly a soundtrack for Hip Hop aficionados as the album flows like a film soundtrack given the number of featured rap and production styles from Africa, Europe and America. There is literally something for everyone on this album as far as rap fans are concerned.

AVMGDIGITAL president Daniel Azure coordinated the project. "It was originally conceived back in 2004 from an earlier mixtape release called The PaperChase. The mixtape followed a UK tour with Ghostface from Wu Tang Clan in the month of December which put me on the map. Ghost had his brand which was geared towards breaking emerging acts and I realized that I could create a similar platform for emerging acts from all over the world. The analogy of the Marines came to mind and then I decided to create the brand name "The Marine Core" as troops / acts from around the world form as an alliance to work and collaborate to release new music and service new audiences." 

In my opinion, he accomplished the mission successfully as influences from different parts of the world are clearly prevalent on tracks like My Vibe and So Familiar. The standout songs on the album are Hug the Streets- a collaborative effort with newcomer OBAS and Rick Ross from Maybach Music and Wildin' by RJ da Realest; a track produced by DJ and producer Da Madd Scientist.    

Wildin' is the first single from the project and it will be available on Black Friday -November 26,2021
You can preview the single here: https://bit.ly/AVMGDIGITALWILDIN 

The Marine Core Vol:1 full-length album will be available on all major streaming platforms on February 11, 2022. 

For further press inquiries and artist relations, contact Daniel Azure: info@avmgdigital.com 
Company website: http://bitly.com/avmgdigital