Upcoming Rapper Money Makin Campaign Plans To Change The Rap Game With New Single

It is Autumn 2021, and we have a new and upcoming rapper Money Makin Campaign who is here to represent the "Mother of States" Virginia. Money Makin Campaign is young and ready to inspire all the individuals who feel hopeless and find it hard to break their generational curses. 

Before Discography 

Being a youth in Richmond, Virginia, rapping was not the first passion of Money Makin Campaign. His music career began as a DJ and played music at teen parties during his high school years. He had a little studio he was using to promote his little brother, for whom he was also writing music. Money Makin Campaign received numerous compliments with his hard lyrics and was encouraged to go in the studio himself, and from then on, he has been rapping. 

What Makes Money Makin Campaign Different

There is no doubt that not many rappers are from Richmond, Virginia, and Money Makin Campaign wants to be the one who is known for his unique content. He wants his deliverance towards the music industry to be worthwhile so that people worldwide can know him by his name and the state where he is from. 

Who Influences Money Makin Campaign

Money Makin Campaign is influenced by Lil Durk, Payroll Giovanni, Lil Baby, and Moneybagg Yo, with whom he would love to work. While these are among his dream collaborations, he stated that he would work with anybody, and he wants to make good music. 

Upcoming Single - Mopar No Car 

Money Makin Campaign has a new upcoming single - Mopar No Car. He received inspiration for this song due to the type of cars owned and driven from his hometown. Money Makin Campaign gave insight on how he formulated the title of his new single, "Jeep and Ram make these fast cars, and they call them 'Mopars' short for motor part." 

Money Makin Campaign wanted to turn the one thing that he knows everybody loves into a lifestyle and make it into a genre where culture meets lifestyle. "I just remembered hearing the beat for the first time and knew right then what I wanted to do with the song," Money Makin Campaign further explained. 

What's Next for Money Makin Campaign  

After releasing his upcoming single "Mopar no Car," Money Makin Campaign is letting his audience know that he is not done and has more forthcoming singles and a feature with Derek King, so they best be on the lookout. 

Money Makin Campaign’s Message for Readers:

Money Makin Campaign knows that the music industry is not an easy road and is aware of the sacrifices he has make to bring joy to his fans. He will go the extra mile for the people who contribute to fulfilling his dreams and inspires others to chase their dreams. He wants readers to know, "Be authentic, stay humble and be consistent. It's easy to give up, but if you stay true to yourself and don't get discouraged, you will get there."