Music Prodigy Elan Suave Unveils Brand New Single “Teen Romance”

(NEW YORK, NY) Up and coming recording artist Elan Suave has released a brand new single titled “Teen Romance” by way of BBP LLC Productions, a family owned independent label.

The release of “Teen Romance” makes for another captivating track that the young sensation can boast in his rapidly expanding catalog of music.

The 17-year-old Bronx based rapper-singer-songwriter is further capitalizing on a wave of momentum created in 2021 that has already seen him release two 5-track EP’s (Double Impact and Unlucky Lover) and a pair of “dance challenge” worthy uptempo singles. 

Elan brings his distinctive blend of hip-hop style flows and melodic R&B vocals to “Teen Romance” which is produced by Jose "Clutch" Martinez, a fellow Bronx, NY native.

He and Elan have shaped up to be an immensely formidable artist/producer duo as they have collaborated on several projects including Double Impact and singles The Weekend and Dangerous.

Elan’s inspiration to write “Teen Romance” developed out of a true life situation that involves a young lady who has come into his life. 

She has been his biggest fan and supporter and she adores him and his music.

Elan captures such emotions from his perspective exceptionally well with an engaging vocal performance that projects an unmistakable authenticity…

 “”You're my biggest fan,you're my biggest fan
 And yeah I know you'll understand with any circumstance
 I'm doing this for us, it be hard for me just to relax
 Yeah I know this life crazy, but it's all apart of Teen Romance”
-Excerpt from chorus of “Teen Romance” 

He displays his signature vocal dexterity as he flows seamlessly across the mellow, soulful chords backed by an emphatic kick drum and claps.

Elan’s expressive songwriting and lyricism on this track demonstrate his advanced skill set that is sure to make an indelible mark on the music industry.

“Teen Love” is now available on all streaming platforms (link below). Make sure to stream it, playlist it and save it.  

Listen to “Teen Love”


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The Buzz on Elan Suave 

“Showing off his broad range, with soulful R&B singing to mumble rap to surprise verses in Jamaican Patois, Elan Suave is a performer who channels characters that add depth to his songs.” 

“Soon to go mainstream, Elan Suave is forging a name for himself in the music business. Clean tracks and well produced songs are the reason why.”

“Throughout his journey, Elan will emphatically and undoubtedly demonstrate that he is a musical force to reckon with.” 

“There's a new hip-hop movement budding out of New York, and this artist who has the sound of young Bryson Tiller with a hint of Roddy Ricch is riding that wave.”