Los Angeles artist SouthCentralTee3 dropping new album

He goes by the name of SouthCentralTee3 and was born November 17, 1994, in California. He was raised in the city Of South Central Los Angeles. His passion for music started at the age of 6. Becoming a rap star has been his ultimate dream for about 20 years now. Tee3 was influenced heavily at six years old while watching & hearing Lil Bow Wow all over the Tv And Radio. At that time, he believed Lil Bow Wow was either his age or somewhere very close to it, which left him wondering how he could be just like him. From that point forward, his auntie Tanisha helped him write his first rap, and ever since then, he’s never stopped writing.  As of today, he’s currently working on a project called T.R.E, and T.R.E is short for “The Realist Ever.” T.R.E will be his very first album to be released. He has plenty of singles out now on all major platforms.

You can Search his music on: https://songwhip.com/southcentraltee3

"What keeps me inspired today, I would say, is the struggle. The struggle is a mental state of mind, and once I've overcome my struggle and start to see things from a level-headed view, things will come much easier to see. It's all in God's hands," says artist SouthCentralTee3.

We can't wait to see what's next for him!