Discover: "Y L F R L F R" By Fleetwood and Ducati James

“Your Least Favorite Rapper’s Least Favorite Rappers” is the first studio album release from Chakhead Clique Mu$ic Group’s founders and blood brothers, Lane and Eric Poston – AKA Fleetwood and Ducati James. Rapper/producer/lawyer/philanthropist Eric Poston, Esq., aka Ducati James, and was created to provide a social media marketing presence for North and South Carolina rappers and other artists.

Ducati James is also the founder of The Poston Foundation d/b/a Carolina Cares, a South Carolina charity devoted to providing direct aid to the homeless when no other charity would due to COVID-19, while running his own law firm, Chalmers Poston, LLC, based out of Columbia, South Carolina. Ducati James has been on countless local news stations throughout South Carolina due to his only filing lawsuits for clients whose cases carry the most public interest and/or highest value - especially those cases of a political nature. Ducati James will be running for US Senate against Senator Tim Scott in 2022 and vows to be “knockin’ doorz down” (RIP Pimp C) throughout the entire state if necessary in order to truly understand what the people of South Carolina want of their Senator after they send him to the Hill - and it will not be a cowardly, beta-male, who-the-hell-is-Tim-Scott type do-nothing career politician. Though, for such an unintelligent man, his doing nothing is probably preferable than his doing anything. As a rapper, Ducati James has toured, co-headlined/headlined shows with famous rappers (such as Riff Raff) and has produced tracks for 100’s of rappers.

Ducati James has been featured on Worldstar’s Youtube channel and IG account on several occasions - the most important being Ducati James's song, “Innocent,” which is about his client who was wrongfully convicted of kidnapping and is currently serving 30 years. In terms of his biggest "hit" song/video, it would be "Jenna Jameson" featuring Pornstars Jesse Jane and Olivia Austin, which recently broke 6M views on Youtube.