Best single of the week: “Pst!Sei ruhig!” by Katrin Butt

Powerful and haunting: this is how we would describe Katrin Butt’ new track. The artist knows how to create unique sonorities to stand out.

Her musical universe combines hard-hitting beats, dreamy vocal lines, a minimalistic and airy artistic approach. The vanguard atmosphere instantly attracts you and rock your soul. 

Katrin Butt is known for delivering hard-hitting lyrics that are conveyed with precision, over experimental, unconventional production that borrows different aspects from a wide gamut of genres and influences. She makes it her aim to not only inspire people with her music, but to use it as a conduit to proclaim a message that will revolutionize an entire generation, So don’t waste a second, and head to the link below to discover “Pst!Sei ruhig!”