Welcome to Scrilltown

In a world full of music, money, and mayhem, comes a MAN with a history of music, money, and mayhem. Mr. ScrilltownHimself or better known as Feddie Scrillz (in his music days) is on a mission to bring new music from coast to coast, along with having a hustler's ambition and entrepreneur's spirit. After taking a 15 year hiatus from the music business, he is now climbing the ladder back to the top, "one single at a time". In one year, he has managed to co-author a #1 Best-Seller, started his own signature clothing line and shoe company, and has eleased over 7 different projects, while managing to secure a 3 year distribution deal with The Orchard (a division of Sony Music). He has also joined forces with Dogface Music (a DC based record label) and collaborated on a project that succeeded to hit #25 on the Billboard Charts.

In 2020, ScrilltownMO had over 300,000 streams worldwide. In 2021, through the distribution of The Orchard, they had already surpassed 150,000 streams with the compilation "Street Music & Meditation Vol. 1 and the re-release single "You Been Sayin'' featuring Rekka.

Mr. ScrilltownHimself also continues to stay busy with Scrilltown Clothing Company, and the new launch of signature Shoe line (Scrilltown One2's).

Mr. ScrilltownHimself says, "Scrilltown is a way of life". Scrill is a street slang for money, mula,and feddie. I was raised and taught to get money and stay true, while staying fresh ta deff like a million bucks". I didn't discover Scrilltown, Scrilltown discovered ME."