Rapper Call Lewis Hits A "Triple Double"

California based rhyme slinger Call Lewis is one of the top upcoming rappers to watch in 2021. The incredibly gifted, multi-talented rapper has honed a refreshing style that combines street tales with wisdom and food for thought. His cadence, delivery and flow are spectacular. Call Lewis’ music is colossal, intriguing and bombastic. He has songs that can resonate in the crib, the car and the club. Part of what makes Call Lewis so relatable involves his uncanny ability to connect with his audience. There is an undercurrent of realness and authenticity in his voice.

Call Lewis is building a huge movement one fan at a time. He raps with purpose and conviction. One listen to his music and it’s evident that this gifted rap renegade is destined for greatness. He is on a mission to amaze his listeners. Call Lewis has carved out a distinct sound which is devoid of pretension, yet rich in insight, loyalty and vision. Some of his inspirations include Kanye, Future, Tyler the Creator, 50 Cent and Three 6 Mafia. He utilizes many of the styles or influences in his periphery, combining them with his own intuition and storytelling ability to create something wholly new yet recognizable. Call Lewis is currently pushing his recent project called “Triple Double, ” which is a cool, laid back track with a stoner vibe.