Our exclusive interview with Sujo about her latest offering “So Wonderful”

Today we have decided to give you a rare and memorable musical rap break. Indeed, when you are addicted to hip-hop, you tend to have very high expectations. Sujo, which is our musical discovery of the day imposes itself effortlessly. Indeed, the artist who unveils the single "So Wonderful” is a great surprise for us.

Press play right now and enjoy:

We had the pleasure to discuss with Sujo, discover our interview with her right now:

1- Great to have you on BillboardHipHop. Please, introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Sujo Taveras, or simply Sujo. I'm a Singer/ Songwriter/ and Rapper. I’ve MC’d, and sometimes I produce my beats and direct my music videos. I've been writing poetry as far as can remember and recorded my first song at 16 y.o., officially been pursuing music for a good 12 years. I was the Lead Singer and Songwriter and Lyricist for a local group call Music Grand Effect for about 4 years; we signed with Bungalo/DMG/Universal Records in 2011 for less than a year. 

Mainly another group in the label felt some type of way and it really stressed everyone’s business relationship. Not long after that project fell through. However, as the lead singer of the group: I wrote about 80-90% of the songs, several of our records went worldwide like our single "Back It Up" that aired in the reality show from We TV "I Want to Save Your Life" and my single "Sexy I" that received much online airplay. I’ve sung on platforms like Caribbean Festival Best of the Best, Calle Ocho Carnival, Univision Sabado Gigante, and the Marlin Stadium just to mention a few.  

2- What got you into music and made you realize that it was your chosen path?

It's just something deep in your soul, you know. I've been making up little songs in the shower for as long as I can remember. It's something that you just know you love, have to do, always been there, and aren't going away. 

3- Tell us about your new Album. And what’s the story behind it? 

I released “So Wonderful” this year on January 8th. It’s doing really well and I truly believe in this record. I love it! Especially, since it’s my re-amp, “firstborn” after going solo. The album is in the works. The single is about me being overall grateful for life and everyone around me. I was in a very toxic relationship for a very long time I ended up being secluded from everyone I was familiar with. Nothing was ever good enough, everyone was always out to get me, and no friendly relationship was ever just that, and no logic was ever healthy enough. The entire ordeal, caused me to focus on the bad side of all my personal and professional relationships. I felt like I couldn’t even breathe. I thought I had to stick to this commitment and I needed to see it through… But I’m human you know…I was so grateful to get out of the draining and toxic commitment, that once it was over, everything and everyone felt “So Wonderful”. And I just felt like I can be around people again and focus on all the good and actually build meaningful relationships, again. Praise God, praise Jesus Christ for real! I got out of that with prayer, to be honest. And so that song stemmed from my joy. I felt like an alien stepping out from another planet and just appreciating the best in people again, and not focusing on the toxic things is so healing. It’s amazing! I was imagining myself flying down as an alien and being so fascinated with everyone I met on my way out (that’s just how long it felt I’ve been away in an alternate reality). Originally, that’s what I envisioned for the music video, but because of my huge “imaginative” funds (lol) and million-dollar scenes, and Hollywood CGI effects, I decided to keep it simple. You know? These music projects are time-sensitive. I’ll be announcing the exact release date of the official music video soon, but definitely around the summer.

4- What makes your music unique?

Ah man, you just have to listen. Basically, the creative perspective in which the songs are written in combination with the vocals, sound engineering, and very well-produced beats. My sound definitely rocks out and I’ve been told my hooks are memorable and fun.  

- How would you describe it? 

Light-hearted, feel-good-fun music with that edgy boldness that you just want to vibe to. You know? 

5- What advice would you give to aspiring musicians? 

Be yourself and love it or run. Simple…the music industry isn’t for the weak; from the lower levels to your way up. You have to overcome a lot of hurtles and mind-games… but, if you want to grow skin tough as a croc’s, live forever through music, and have the honor to cheer up and inspire the world; then, WELCOME TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!

6- Who are your biggest musical influences?

I have too many to really say specifically. I’m inspired by everything from EDM to Bollywood, Hip Hop to Classical and all types of Latin Music and African Music who knows? And from all times. I love listening to all the different sounds. I just sit there and search and listen sometimes, randomly. Mainly artists like MJ, Queen, David Guetta, Sia, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex and Diplo, Juan Luis Guerra, The Isley Brothers, Rihanna, RuPaul, Lisa Stansfield, Tony Braxton, Baby Face, Andre 2000, Lindsey Stirling, Black Eyed Peas, Prince, Frankie Valli, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Celia Cruz, Shakira, Madonna, Snoop Dog, Mark Anthony, Drake, Lady Gaga, The Killers, Aerosmith, Lizzo, Mozart, Beethoven, Adele, Susan Boyle, I just want to name them all and I can’t...You know what?... I'm just inspired by everyone that hits my soul with raw emotions, to be honest, LOL

- And any particular artist/band you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I definitely would have just enjoyed it dearly, if I would have met Michael Jackson in person (R.I.P.), but I obviously missed that boat. However, I love Avicii’s or The Black Eyed Peas. Their sound is amazing. However, I am opened to “out of this world”, “not what you would expect” collabs. I just love all the possibilities. 

7- If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be? 

You are so loved. You have no idea. I am passionate about the music I create for you. I hope you really listen to the words I write because they all come from the heart with you in mind.

8- What’s next for you?

Man, I’m recreating my style, re-amp mode. I’ve already recorded my third song this year and promo, promo, promo. I want the entire Universe to dance and sing along to all my music creations one day soon. I want to focus on expanding and connecting to my audience. 

- Any upcoming projects?

Yes. I just sent out my footage for the music video for “So Wonderful” and with God’s favor working I’m working on releasing several singles and music videos this year. I have a number in mind, but don’t want to jinx it…LOL and promo, promo, promo. Let’s Get it!

Simply Hot and promising! Sujo‘s charisma is striking and there is no doubt that she will be a superstar. Definitely an artist you should keep an eye on.