Orchestrate96 Releases “Pop Out” With OMB Bloodbath & Space KID

Living in America to grow, learn, and make a name for himself, Orchestrate96 is working to set a new standard for young rappers. Demonstrating his growth, the artist released his first single of 2021, “Pop Out.” Hailing from Edo State, Nigeria, Orchestrate96 is now in Houston, Texas, to steal the spotlight. He dropped his debut album, Young and Naive, last year.

His relatively new YouTube channel has amassed over 100,000 views, with the music video for his single “Stack Up” gaining over 70,000 views. With the production of Kevin Hues, Orchestrate96 released a tropical-tinged single, and easy-to-digest track that is reminiscent of a calm summer evening. Hues mixes in hard Trap drums with the smooth melody inspired by Afrobeats. Starting off the song, Space KID adds to the smooth vibe with his chorus about celebrating success. Despite her aggressive name, OMB Bloodbath performs her verse to match Space KID’s tone while killing each bar. Orchestrate96 hops on the second verse, adding to the Afrobeats/Trap sound with his Nigerian-style cadence and Hip-Hop bravado. The end product is a refreshing summer anthem to flaunt your style with.

With the release of Pop Out, Orchestrate96 is looking to create a timeless hit. He mentioned in an interview with unorthodoxreviews.com, "Since spring is wrapping up, I wanted to create a summer anthem for my fans and listeners. Fortunately, I can trust Kevin Hues for transcendent beats. Kevin made the instrumental and then invited Space KID to jump on the hook. I have personally listened to OMB Bloodbath for her versatility of flows, so I knew she would be an amazing addition to the song.” (https://www.unorthodoxreviews.com/next-up-orchestrate96/)