Quan Jone releases new banger “Justify” x Blizzem

Quan Jones, a 22-year-old singer/rapper and songwriter based out of Clearwater, Florida. Jones was signed to Long Island based label, Live Mic Music, December of 2020. Jones was inspired to make music at a young age. When he was in 5 th grade, he sang the national anthem and blew people away. Soon after that, he made a song that touched and inspired a lot of people. Seeing how it inspired people, it made him feel good. 

He now makes music to help people with what they are going through and uses his music as therapy. “A lot of people think when they go through s*** the world is over” said Jones, “I’m somebody that lost everything that I love, and I still have hope” Quan Jone’s’ newest song “Justify” featuring Blizzem is based off a true story. ‘Justify’ is about how Jones had a one-night stand and the girl ended up getting pregnant. Jones and the girl went to get a DNA test. Because of COVID-19 the results got emailed to only her since she was the one that made the appointment. She then had someone photoshop that child was 99.9% positive that it was his child. Jones was a dad for 5 months until one day they got into an argument. There was a comment made claiming that the child was not his. Jones asked the girl if it was true or not and she acted “sketchy.” He raised a suspicion that the child was not his. 

He went back to the DNA place claiming that he did not get the results back. When he did, the test said it was 0% his child. The girl lied to him because she believed that he was the best fit dad for her child. Instead of getting angry about it, Jones did what he knew was the best for himself. He wrote a song about it. Jones’ music is mostly inspired by Chris Brown, but for his song ‘Justify’ it was personal which made it more of his own because it was his own story that he wanted to put out the. Jones’ advice to others when it comes to life is “Be you, follow your heart, don’t let whatever situation or circumstances determine your future because s*** can flip fast.”

The musicians are offering limitless creativity as well as strong communicative energy. Everything that we need and that you will unconditionally love. So don’t waste a second, and head to the link below to discover “Justify”:

Press play right now and enjoy: