Listen To “Timeless” By Em Nacirema

In the past few months we have been following a new up and coming Artist named Em Nacirema. He hails from Jamaica, Queens, New York. He puts his musical talents in full force for the year 2021 as he looks to develop his career in the music industry. His most recent release, “Timeless,” has been lighting up the industry and climbing the charts. Em Nacirema's "Timeless" single started out by selling quickly in Italy which landed it on the iTunes Top 100 at number 23 and Belgium at number 7. Here in America the story has been no different for this young emcee. He landed at #31 just last week on the US Top 100 Hip Hop & Rap Songs and #28 The Nielsen SoundScan Chart.

The song “Timeless” is showing up to be Em Nacirema’s best work to date, and is getting the love it deserves as the streams and downloads continue to rack in. With Nacirema’s unique style and flow over the melodic beat, the song fires on all cylinders in the hit category.“Timeless” is only the beginning for Em Nacirema and I can tell that from his passion. He is setting the bar pretty high for himself, and he fully intends to live up to the expectations. Keep an eye out as he continues to grow. I'm very certain we will see this young man on the Billboard Charts for years to come. Be sure to listen to his "Timeless" song and go watch the music video for "Timeless", which now has over 163K streams to it!

Press play right now and enjoy:

Instagram: @emnaciremaofficial