Intence Hits with Mason Yard Collab

Mason Yard Entertainment makes its debut with Intence collaboration

While residing in Kingston, Jermaine Watson was inspired by music from an early age.  He would often hang around various recording studios, asserted himself with the intricacies of music production while learning the ropes of the music industry.

Now residing overseas, he made the step to form his very own music production entity Mason Yard Entertainment last year during the covid19 pandemic.  The label has now released its first project, All That by Intence.
Watson explained how the collaboration with Intence came about.
“It was just a mutual connection and the respect for the work that he has been putting in.  You can’t deny his numbers and despite the critics, he has a timeless element to his music, especially the ones that lean to the more conscious side,” said Watson.
All That was released digitally on March 26. The official music video, which was released on Sunday April 4, racked up more than 200,000 views in less than 24 hours.

He added, ‘I grew up in studios so I have an ear for music and if you ask me that is conducive to great production. For 2021 and moving forward, my music videos will change the landscape of how music is being presented. A word to every producer, I am here to apply the pressure!
Mason Yard Entertainment has a number of projects in the pipeline, which will be released later this year into the first quarter of next year.

Press play right now and enjoy: