EP of the week "HER" By Ayrton Alexis

Surrey-based Ayrton Alexis defines his music as “modernised RnB”, his unique sound epitomises the evolution of RnB, combining soulful melodies with infectious grooves and great beats. As a fan of the 2000’s RnB scene, Ayrton is passionate about creating a new sound without losing sight of the roots of the genre. He was influenced not just by artists of this period, but also by producers, inspiring him to both perform on and produce tracks. From being under the tutelage of DJ SheDevil to his experience of working closely with Mac of So Solid Crew, Ayrton is taking on the music scene steadily.

From humble beginnings in his home music studio, created with long-time friend and manager Mark James, to becoming a full-time videographer, Ayrton has always had his foot in the music industry. Since his release of “Honest” and the dance competition track “Want Me” in 2020, Ayrton has gained over 95k streams on Spotify alone. His commitment to the industry is unparalleled, he writes and engineers all of his music with continuous involvement in the production process, ensuring he never loses sight of his creative vision.

His up-and-coming EP named HER is an amalgamation of RNB, Drill and Dancehall instrumentals blended with Ayrton’s own creative melodies. It consists of his four greatest tracks to date, Love Regrets, Let Go, Vibing and Come. His creative portfolio is rapidly filling up and there is plenty more to come for this ambitious young singer/songwriter.

Press play right now and enjoy: