’Unlovable’ is the debut single from danish RnB/Pop-singer Oh Livvi in a collab with Norwegian Def Jam artist SALTI. Oh Livvi is a 18-year old RnB/Pop-singer from Denmark. Despite her young age, her voice is filled with attitude and power. Her talent was discovered when a friend posted a video of her singing a cover of Alicia Keys’ ‘A Woman’s Worth' on Facebook. She tells: 

"My friend filmed a video of me singing and posted it on Facebook. Immediately after that, producers from Denmark and some from America started contacting me. It felt pretty wild!”

Since then, many others have been impressed by Oh Livvi’s talent. Her debut single ‘Unlovable’ is written together with the British writer Abby-Lynn Keen who is the younger sister of famous UK-artist RAYE. On the song, Oh Livvi is guested by Norwegian Def Jam artist SALTI who has been seen interacting with Oh Livvi on social media. The song about toxic love leaves little doubt about the frustrations and allegations being thrown back and forth between the two artists. Oh Livvi tells about the song:

 "When you are involved with a person and the person keeps letting you down, you be like: okay, we’re done now, for real. He wasn’t treating me the way I should be treated, which means he was ’unlovable’ to me,” she says and continues: ”I hope that the people who are in a situation where they feel mistreated in some way, can listen to this song and be like: hell nah, ain't nobody gonna treat me bad! I hope they’ll feel the confidence to say: No, I'm too good for this.”

 SALTI is originally from Tanzania and moved to Norway at the age of eight. A turbulent personal life led him to music, which he uses as an outlet. SALTI dropped his debut EP Angels in 2020 which is known for the groovy single ’Shameless’ that had its music video globally listed on MTV. On ‘Unlovable’, SALTI gets some frustrations off his chest. He explains: 

”For me, the song is about not wanting to commit to someone because of toxic behavior – coldhearted shit,” he says and continues: “This was something I had gone through and experienced before.”

The young artist Oh Livvi isn’t just a talented singer and songwriter. When she isn’t making music or attending highschool, she spends her time in dance studios where she dances samba and hip hop – something you get a glimpse off in the short music video for ‘Unlovable’. 

Unlovable will be released April 9th 2021