Stream Dat Gurl Secrete’s latest Banger “Crazy Right Now”

Dat Gurl Secrete aka Secrete The Boss is an up-and-coming, independent female musical artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Dat Gurl Secrete has become a fierce competitor in Atlanta's music scene. Secrete began to revamp her sound and delivery with the release of hit single "Wit the Get Down".

Dat Gurl Secrete’s work ethic is nearly unmatched in the rap game. She holds down a budding rap career, manages her own label, and owns two business in two different countries, proving her prowess for entrepreneurship that bleeds into her music. Secrete’s newest release, “Crazy Right Now” presents her style as smooth as ever. Secrete’s swag, lyrics , and style creates the type of vibe you can appreciate any day of the week.

The best thing you can see in Dat Gurl Secrete She made a unique style and flow of hip hop and true lyrical content, powerful messages and her vocal attitude and authentic creativity: we told you, she leaves us feeling optimistic about her future as a successful rapper.

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