StaJe Heats Of The Streets With “Coupe”

Meet StaJe: The multi-faceted artist has a very unique style articulating his story through his lyrics in a poetic yet southern rooted way. He does not consider himself a rapper nor a singer, but just an artist.

Originally born in South Carolina, the StaJe started his career as a ghostwriter for many underground artists scanning different genres. Releasing his debut single “Keisha” in 2020, StaJe received his first billboard charting project. After gaining notoriety for his new release, he immediately released “Ball." With impressing many curators the song was put on numerous playlists and even reached the Shazam Charts across the board.

His unique style of bridging together his southern sound with a hint of R&B has taken the industry by storm.So far in 2021 StaJe has released a few collab projects with the likes of Athena the Goddess, Dixiana Slimm, and Compton's very own Gwap Boy Fresh. This year he promises to release 10 singles and one collab album with 10 music videos. Given us the first single of 2021 “Coupe,” StaJe is off to a great start!