Gage The caviar of Hip-hop

From Washington DC/Silver spring MD and now based out of Miami, as one of the preeminent up and coming Indie artists Gage embodies a casual grace and truth that is reflected in the music he makes.

Gage grew up listening to a lot of old school music like Motown because as he puts it "My parents were heavy into music" so any day you would hear James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, diana ross playing at his house But as He grew older he started listening to Hip Hop acts like Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Jay-z, Nas and 2pac and before that run dmc, Big daddy kane and slick rick. As a kid Gage had a strong passion for art and would draw everyday as his love for hip hop grew that passion for drawing turned into writing music in the hopes of one day being like the artist who inspired him and who he grew up listening to by telling his story that fans can relate to.
His remarkable talent has led to some Indie Albums and a few singles released on all streaming services independently on his own Heatrock Entertainment indie label he runs with his brother Missin' Lync.
Gage is currently gearing up to release part 2 to "Lord of the fly" with the lead single "Hyper space" produced by The Alchemist which is currently out now on all streaming platforms  with the video also currently streaming on Tidal, Apple music,

Vevo and Vimeo. Look out for Lord of the fly 2 to hit all streaming services on april 20th 2021.