Discover Jake Daniel and his music

One of our favorite discoveries of the new year is the one and only Jake Daniel,comes straight from Arizona - Atlanta,Ga, He made 2020 and he is on his way to triple his success with “Boxed In”, and thanks to his offering: an single entitled “Errythang New”. A banger in power delivering a new kind of music ,a sound that blends flawless rap.

The HipHop track unveils an additive production and a strong dose of good energy. This musical beauty allowed us to disconnect from reality, and this is honestly everything that we needed. 

What we admire above all, is the ability for Jake Daniel to create a new musical world, an authentic artistic dimension, in an area where all artists tend to sound the same. His flow, his recognizable voice tone: he proves that he is among those who can bring new vibes to the table. So don’t waste a second, and head to the link below to discover it:

Press play right now and enjoy: