California rap artist SpenDoe Delivers a Dynamic New Single “Smiles & Cries”

California rap artist SpenDoe Delivers a Dynamic New Single “Smiles & Cries”! The California rapper displays his magnetic appeal in his rhyme schemes, and subject matter.

If you were able to have a listen to his recently released single, “Smiles & Cries”, you will be served with a new vibe, and a different side of California Hip Hop artist SpenDoe. The song is SpenDoe’s first single from his Done Deal Digital debut extended-play “SERVIN”. While this isn’t the first time SpenDoe has brought forth a subtle ride-to track, along with thought-provoking lyrics; it is the first time we are getting a glimpse into what the west coast native deems important in life. What is really intriguing about SpenDoe, from listening to his music; is the diverse subject matter that isn’t prevalent during these current times in hip hop. Rather than follow trends which come and go, SpenDoe continues to move in his own direction, and continue changing lanes (like his 2018 single “Changing Lanes”) when he feels it’s appropriate.

Other songs which stand out on “SERVIN” are the up-tempo bay area vibe “We At The Table” featuring the late great mob figaz member “The Jacka”. Both artists pair well together on this stand-out track about the streets, the struggle, money, and women. The title track “SERVIN” really has SpenDoe diving into a dark space which very few know about, and have experienced. According to SpenDoe, the track “SERVIN” details a person driven to the edge, and focusing on pushing back to get what they need. “SERVIN… Is all about survival mode in the streets, when things become unhealthy” according to the artist. SpenDoe has quite a catalog of music already available for streaming and downloading. Music listeners should greatly appreciate the work of this energetic and rising artist.

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Chandler Jarrell (Independent Music Publicist on behalf of BillboardHipHop)