David Dave Releases his Afro-Caribbean Cover of Ne Yo’s So Sick

You may be looking for new songs and new vibes that will make you have a good musical time. Well, thanks to our discovery of the day, you will have what you need. He goes by the name of David Dave, and his upcoming offering will undoubtedly meet your expectations. 

The track caught our full attention from start to finish. Afro-Caribbean production, the perfect techniques, the powerful energy: perfect to give us a strong dose of motivation and determination.  

All the broken-hearted should enjoy this during Valentine’s Day and beyond Broken-hearted youth without a valentine this year would do well to listen to Singer David Dave’s upcoming spiced-up cover of So Sick originally sung by Ne Yo. The Afro-Caribbean version is perfect for jilted suitors and separated lovers to feel upbeat and perhaps take a cue from the message of its lyrics that speak of being sick of love and wasting time over brooding and negativity.

David Dave’s groovy cover of So Sick is slated for release shortly and is perfect to offset the sadness, loneliness, and negativity experienced by youth feeling left out on Valentine’s day. So Sick is an original song by American R&B singer-songwriter Ne Yo also known as Shaffer Chimere Smith. The song sends out a clear message to men spurned or separated emphasizing the pointlessness of keeping on pining over someone. It encourages the listener to pick themselves up and move on rather than wait in hope of unrequited love. David Dave’s cover of So Sick is an attempt to spruce up the song with an Afro-Caribbean beat making it livelier to resonate with his objective of providing something positive for the broken-hearted this valentine’s day.

David Dave has been experimenting with different musical styles like African and Urban Sounds, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul and EDM. Today he is an Artist, Dancer, Music Producer, and Songwriter with a name to match. Catch David Dave’s So Sick released by Kron Entertainment on all Music platforms including Spotify, Itunes, YouTube Music etc.

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