Out Now: "Fell in Love with the Plug" By Crip Jesus Listen now!

Crip Jesus " Fell in Love with the Plug " is Trap Love at its finest. In 2020 a Blue wave rolled through South Central called Crip Jesus bringing controversy and good music. During his 40 day 40 night campaign he fell in love with " Mrs. Jesus " Cora T the Blue Rose. Listen to the tale of South Central's Romeo and Juliet ...

“Fell in Love with the Plug ” is now in our list for the best emotional single, a sure bet to start 2021 on the right foot. more than 2:30 min of pure talent. It is now on repeat in our Spotify playlist. We can’t wait to hear what’s next. Just like our redaction, make sure you keep an eye on Crip Jesus.

Press play right now and enjoy: