Music Interview: BrokeTilFriday on his creative tastes, musical influences & new single “Florida Love”

You may be looking for new songs and new vibes that will make you have a good musical time. Well, thanks to our discovery of the day, you will have what you need. He goes by the name of BrokeTilFriday, he comes straight from Los Angeles (California) and his latest offering will undoubtedly meet your expectations. 

- Great to have you on our blog. Please, introduce yourself.

thanks for having me .. My name is Kev also known as BrokeTilFriday. Im from the Eastside of Los Angeles. I'm 25 years old. I was Raised by my grandma, in a 4 bedroom crib, with about 20-25 people. (The whole hood lived with us). So it made me grow up faster than a normal kid.

- What got you into music and made you realize that it was your chosen path?

So when. I got out of prison in December 2018..I was sapose to go back to college on a basketball scholarship. so I start training and working out with my trainer Keion, alongside a group of guys that play overseas. I notice I wasn't as fast or explosive and had been having pain in my right knee. I have a MRI done and I had a torn ACL & MCL. I had surgery like March or April. So I'm sitting at my sis house and thinking what ima do now. The idea of rapping came across my head. I went to a youtube type beat and gave it a try.

- Tell us about your new Album. And what’s the story behind it?

I said to myself, since its February lets drop some songs for the ladies. I don't know how I come up with songs. I don't write. I just go in the booth, close my eye and talk.

- What makes your music unique? How would you describe it?

Whats Make My music unique is that I Just Be myself. I feel like that's the only way to be different. I tell you the good and the bad in songs. Not just what I think people wanna hear.

- Who are your biggest musical influences? And any particular artist/band you would like to collaborate with in the future?

My biggest music influences is lil baby, young thug, and meek mill. Mostly lil baby tho because we got the same story it feels like. (Both never thought we would rap, both had money before rap, both did 2 years in prison, I can go on and on).

I would love to collaborate with anyone who is authentic, doesn't matter if it mainstream or under ground. hot or cold. just wanna make music to tell my story and inspire people to do the right thing.

- What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Follow your gut feelings ALWAYS. Don't let peoples failures be the reason why you stop or have lack of motivation to do something.

- If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

I Just wanna let my fans know. that I'm very appreciative. And I know we on a little boat right now but if u stay on board with me, I'm a turn this little boat into a yacht, that you will have all access to.

- What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?

I will be dropping 4-5 songs every month along with 2-3 videos.

Simply Hot and promising! BrokeTilFriday ‘s charisma is striking and there is no doubt that he will be a superstar. Definitely an artist you should keep an eye on. Discover “Florida Love” Bellow.

Press play right now and enjoy: