Calynn M. Lawrence is the reigning Miss United States Universe Tourism 2021, a global ambassador title granted to her by the world’s Miss Tourism organization. She is a former media personality/cable TV host and serial entrepreneur who has been coined a “micro-philanthropist” by the press for her extensive community service work. She works in marketing management for her career. Her firm, Calynn Communications & Creative, has worked with every type of brand from tech startups to Fashion Weeks to entertainment management companies, with Chick-fil-A being her biggest current client. Though her career has landed her many red carpet photo ops and front row seats at the runway, this isn’t what she’s mostly known for.

Her most notable legacy that has allowed her to amass most of her seventeen awards is her pro bono work. As the Founder of The Fresh Faces Project (est. 2014), a nonprofit initiative that has helped almost 500 small businesses and artists, she has given various free and discounted marketing and PR opportunities to many. Some of these include: getting free articles on some of the online magazines owned by her firm such as Millionaires In The Making, Icons In The Now or What’s Good Weekly, being a cast member on her 5-star rated web series “Chicago Talent,” and being an honoree at her annual Fresh Faces Project awards ceremony. Many of the “Fresh Faces” have been extremely talented and impactful individuals who have so much potential and endless talent.

As an artist herself, she has strong ties to the creative community which was a large driving factor in her starting The Fresh Faces Project. She used to be a performing singer-songwriter in her teen years, booking gigs at talent shows, assemblies, weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties and other events in her local area. In her adulthood, she focuses on using her visual arts skills, academically trained in drawing and painting, to supplement her skills in advertising and as a hobby!

By 2024, she wants her work with The Fresh Faces Project to benefit 1000 creatives and small businesses. She plans to do this by creating passive income sources such as her newly launched online course “How To Master Marketing, The Media & The Masses: The First Wave” and eventually reducing her full time workload of a 9-5 and freelance clients to being able to work part-time and gear the majority of her efforts and schedule to making a difference in the world. At this year’s Fresh Faces Project awards she plans to announce a special ambassador program, LifeTime Achievement trophy awards, and the traditional certificate awards with an honorary segment for essential workers who worked during the pandemic! 

In her life, she wishes to maintain good relationships with her loved ones and close friends, obtain growth through personal development with self-care and healing, and to find true love with a sincere partner who she can build with, something so difficult to find being a woman like her.

With goals, talent and heart as big as a nation, this girl’s mission is nothing short of riveting. This blogger turned boss turned beauty queen is on the path to the success.