Discover “The Rise of King Mushu” By King Mushu

Sunday, our mission was to discover the best hip-hop Album to end the week on the right foot With "The Rise of King Mushu" By King Mushu and he is a talented artist, we have exactly what we need . A pleasant moment, a good dose of pure music.

“The Rise of King Mushu” is a powerful hip-hop album, with indie undertones. King Mushu proves two things here; he is ready for the limelight, and that creativity has no limit. 

The album is a success from “Rokm Intro” to the powerful bonus “#TeamYakuza (Feat.Rochelle Denise)”. 12 infectious tracks that gave us hope in Hip-Hop again. 

The artist draws his strength from his label UnderGround Paradise Records and his creative light from his vision to life, and offers diverse music, but whose universe is coherent. A universe made of outstanding creativity, and a mixture of genres.

King Mushi is a masterful storyteller, and that skill is on full display here. Seemingly on a lyrical warpath, King Mushi’s lessons come steeped in allegory, hyperbole and metaphor on “The Rise of King Mushu” Part 1. Whether we, as individuals, or a people, are prepared to take heed, remains to be seen.

Press play right now and enjoy: