Discover Miles Newby and his album “Infatuated”

Miles Newby, a multitalented artist taking the underground scene by storm. With his constant uprising across the web, the question becomes, how have you not heard of him? Miles having just released a 13 track record entitled "Infatuated" is doing exactly that, infatuating the listener. His vibes are seductive, and yet he has an unmatched style that is clearly his own.

Miles Newby is an artist to keep in your view. After playing through his most recent release, we are left wanting more. For now, a second play through will be necessary. Make space for this new talent, because he is coming in hot and filling the room with an attention shifting presence.

The artist draws his strength from his vision to life, and offers diverse music, but whose universe is coherent. A universe made of outstanding creativity, and a mixture of genres.

The energy is powerful, the production is epic, the creativity has no limit: “Infatuated” is a 10/10 from “Infatuated (intro)” to “Comfortably Numb”, the best project for this start of 2021.So don’t waste a second, and head to the link below to discover it.

Press play right now and enjoy: