Discover Jay La Del and his Ep “isolation”

Our discovery today will make our whole day and will make us start our day on the right foot. In a sad period, a little musical hope is demanded; a sunny moment that will make us disconnect from reality is everything we crave for. If you are looking for that too, you are in the right place. 

Jay La Del Rapper born in Brooklyn, NY. Found interest in rhyming at young age. Growing up in a music oriented family he would watch his mom, uncle and friends cypher and spit bars for hours. He knew that it was something he wanted to do he started secretly writing his own music until he finally decided to display his talents to the public. Later moving to Alexandria, Va Rapping with friends off and on in a home studio he released a couple tracks on YouTube and got good feed back. He was able to combine the sounds of NY and DMV making his own unique sound. This lead to his decision to take music more serious with his first official ep release “isolation”.

This ep has tons of versatility and sounds. Fiery tracks like “Biskotti” and “message” or maybe something more chill like “love song” or “overnight”. Whatever it is you can expect more from Jay La Del 2021.

Press play right now and enjoy: