Isaac Sage makes a statement with his debut single ‘Star Power’

As the next in line to carry on the mantle of New York greatness, Isaac Sage doesn’t disappoint.

Since the age of 10 in his hometown, New York, Isaac Sage was already practicing and evolving his voice as an artist. As time moved on, his style and sound grew and during his teenage years he would begin perfecting his craft as a songwriter. With music becoming a fixture in his everyday life, it was only a matter of time before he too stepped into the industry with music of his own, and at the start of the new year, he did just that. Isaac Sage debuts his talent with his first single ‘Star Power’ that is a trendy and catchy song with the potential to propel him up the charts for a hot start to his career. Within the lyrics and melodies that Isaac showcases on ‘Star Power,’ he is making a stand as an artist to look out for during the new year. He is making certain of that with the scheduling of multiple upcoming tracks and videos which ends with the release of his debut pop rock EP.

Isaac Sage is versatile with his flows and sharp with his bars, characteristics proven on his single ‘Star Power.’ Join his journey by following him online and stream his debut single while awaiting those to come.

Press play right now and enjoy: