Who is Jonny T And What Makes His Project "Handle It" Worth Checking Out?

Who is Jonny T? To ask him, he would say he's an average man with above average aspirations. He's a label executive. He's a recording artist who has secured distribution partnerships with Universal Music Group and Sony Music via The Orchard. He's a pro-wrestling podcaster, Hip Hop culturalist, and one of the best and grossly underated lyrical wordsmiths in the game. A man of many monikers - "the thick chick inspector" and "Mr.Friday Night" accompanied by producer and long-time collaborator Madd Scientist presents Handle It.  

Jonny T flexes a smooth and playful style of rap over a track worthy of such expert delivery. As if that isn't enough, the hook grabs you and is very catchy. The music video is unique because it incorporates an anime love story that draws in the viewer. Jonny T breaks the status quo formula used in so many rap videos and really ventured into something potentially groundbreaking 

Jonny T's label & management firm Phastlife Media Group (PLMG) is touted as a celebration of Hip Hop & Plus-Size Culture. The roster is a mix of legendary and emerging talents that include Parish Smith's (EPMD) Hit Squad members RJ da Realest and Villa G, WeTV reality star Jamie Lopez, Positive K, Noah Jones, Queen Chris, Shuai-Jon Nietzsche, & JTLR   

Check out Jonny T “Handle It”

You can also listen to the music on spotify, smartlink