Klutch Da Rebel Video “Pink Lemonade” Brings Love & Positivity Amidst a Dreadful and Draining Pandemic.

 We’ve been waiting for new music from Dope Rebels since their last release “Blu-Ray”. The conscious rapper Klutch from Queens, NY delivered “Pink Lemonade” on Friday, November 13th, but it isn’t a spooky video. Rather it takes listeners back to more joyful times. The music video depicts a couple neighbors who connect over starting a lemonade stand as kids, then later reconnect while getting juice at a local deli store. IT’S A MOVIE.

 Pink Lemonade is a song that will easily become a couple’s favorite song. Watch, stream and dedicate it to someone special in your life.

Check out “Pink Lemonade” By Klutch Da Rebel on youtube.

Published by: Display Entertainment